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JC Vape


The business was created in order to consolidate all of the good stuff; Hardware and liquids we are happy to use ourselves, providing a place where the consumer can get reliable kit, high quality liquids, reasonably priced and, good customer service founded on an understanding of the product .


From the outset the goal was to have a fantastic product knowledge; we are always learning about what’s available on the market, and, any medical information relevant to vaping. As far as we are concerned this is important as it makes sure we can get the best and safest hardware and liquid in stock and, provide you with the best advice we can. At JC Vape, we believe in the transformative effects of vaping and we want you to experience this first hand, so whether you are a seasoned vaper looking to chuck the biggest cloud, or, are just considering quitting smoking; come in store and check out what we can offer.



Here at JC Vape, we feel that the quality of our liquid is important. That’s why all of our JC Vape branded liquids are made in the UK, compliant to all current UK regulations, and made with USP grade VG (Vegetable Glycerine), to make sure the liquid you are vaping is high quality, great tasting, and most importantly, safe. With a wide range of flavours, from Tobacco to Tutti Fruitti and everything in between, and a range of strengths to suit all vapers, there is bound to be something to suit you! All of our JC Vape liquids are a 50/50 mix of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG, giving you good flavour and good vapour production both of which are important in the whole vaping experience all of our JC Vape liquids are free from any added Dicetyl.


Ntergalactic e-liquid from the masters of mixology. Space Jam are leading manufacturers in gourmet juice over in the USA. They have been going since 2012 and since then have achieved near legendary heights with their flavour mixes. Whether is something a bit fruity or a smooth tobacco flavour or a rich custard, Space Jam have something for everyone. All their flavours are made to the high standards customary with premium liquids, ensuring that you always get the same outstanding flavour you are used to. All space Jam liquids are a 50/50 PG/VG mix with the exception of Solstice (30/70 PG/VG) giving you a depth of flavour and good vapour production across their whole range making them popular with vapers of all kinds, whether you are using standard kit, or rebuild, space jam has something to suit your vaping needs!


The Captains Reserve plundered all their years of gastronomical experience to create the best flavours from the reaches of the seven seas. Made in the U.K, this Brighton based gourmet e-liquid manufacturer has a range of unique, sweet, dessert inspired flavours to satisfy your inner voluptuary. Sweet maple syrup, creamy vanilla, and zesty lime all make features in their flavour pallet. Made to the highest of standards, each batch is hand crafted, and only after going through a stringent testing and quality control is it allowed to be unleashed in all its piratical glory upon the general public. using a 50/50 PG/VG mix makes sure to showcase their incredible flavours while also allowing you to raise a cloud worthy of Blackbeard himself. A must for anyone looking for their own slice of heaven, on land, or sea.



Vaping utilizes a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring that then get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer, Simulating the experience of smoking. The vapor created is inhaled and exhaled much like cigarette smoke hence the term “VAPING” as opposed to “SMOKING”.

Our Team





Previously a 60 a day smoker, Chris founded the shop after having success stopping smoking with vaping. Chris started vaping in February 2013 and has never looked back, now he is saving money, feeling better, and smoke free. The money Chris saved from making the switch was ploughed in to the creation of the shop. Chris is the driving force behind any new hardware in the shop, always trying to source the best high quality kit available for your consumption.





Previously a 30 a day smoker, Jordan initially started vaping at university to help save some money, although after noticing how much better he was feeling stuck to it and has never looked back, now he has taken up cycling and is fitter and healthier than he ever was while smoking. He is a believer in the transformative effects of vaping after making the switch changed his life and, wants others to have the same benefits he has himself. Jordan is the manager and responsible for the day to day running of the shop, and is always trying to make sure that you can get the best out of your kit.



Web Developer


Previously a 20 a day smoker, Pete started vaping after seeing the success of his friends and wanted to quit himself, Peter has been vaping since that day and could never go back, he feels better and, has more money in his pocket. Like all of our staff, Pete is passionate about vaping and in his role as sales assistant wants you to be passionate too, Pete helps make sure that we can provide you with the flavours you want, and, the kit that you want through his work with the managers and face time with the customers. Giving you the high level of customer service we feel you deserve.




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