Fantasi ™ Manufactured here in the UK.

Created, developed, and produced in the heart of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Fantasi is the brainchild of experienced and passionate vapers. Our mission was to create a range of iconic flavours that are so true to their namesake that you forget that are you are no longer just vaping a flavoured e-liquid, but instead enjoying an experience.







JCVape, an independent local business, started after the two founders both started vaping in order to stop smoking. In fact, all of our staff are ex-smokers who have used vaping to help change their lives. After running through the perils of online retailers and market stallers and, being disappointed with some of the kit and advice they were getting.

The business was created in order to consolidate all of the good stuff; Hardware and liquids we are happy to use ourselves, providing a place where the consumer can get reliable kit, high quality liquids, reasonably priced and, good customer service founded on an understanding of the product .

From the outset the goal was to have  fantastic product knowledge; we are always learning about what’s available on the market, and, any medical information relevant to vaping. As far as we are concerned this is important as it makes sure we can get the best and safest hardware and liquid in stock and, provide you with the best advice we can. At JCVape, we believe in the transformative effects of vaping and we want you to experience this first hand, so whether you are a seasoned vaper looking to chuck the biggest cloud, or, are just considering quitting smoking; come in store and check out what we can offer.